England 2018

The Glory of Catholic England

Not a ‘vacation'.
Not a ‘pilgrimage'.
What's it really like to travel with REGINA?

What happens when a bunch of young Catholics converge on the Emerald Isle?

Join a small group of Regina Magazine insiders (ages 21-35) as we walk the steps of Shakespeare, Chesterton, and Belloc on the Sceptred Isle from August 25 – September 2, 2018.

Join young English Catholics as they tread the paths of the saints who walked in the medieval pilgrimage of Our Lady of Walsingham. Explore the chapels, the bookstores and punting on the rivers of the great Catholic-founded universities at Oxford and Cambridge.

Visit John Henry Newman's ‘Littlemore' at Oxford, as well as the great Bodleian Library and the private collection of Chesterton at the Oratory there. Marvel at Westminster Abbey and see the great Tomb of St Edward the Confessor, plus the Tower of London and Tyburn Tree, where St. Thomas More, St John Fisher, and so many other Catholics were martyred. Latin Masses in Pugin Gothic Revival churches, pub crawls, medieval castles, breath-taking cathedrals — and lots of fun!

ELY CATHEDRAL, CAMBRIDGE, WALSINGHAM: Step into medieval Ely Cathedral, and then join a group of young English Catholics on their 12-mile pilgrimage through England’s green fields and quaint villages to one of Christendom’s legendary shrines of Our Lady of Walsingham.

CAMBRIDGE: We’ll be staying at one of the world’s most beautiful universities, wandering through King’s College Chapel, punting on the Cam River, browsing St Phillip’s Catholic Bookstore and pub suppers.

LONDON: Visit the Beefeaters in the Tower, where St Thomas More and other Catholic martyrs of the Reformation were held. Stroll through St Katharine’s Docklands, under Tower Bridge, marvel at Westminster Abbey, experience a Latin Mass at St James’s and visit Tyburn Convent.

LANCASTER: Discover how during and long after the Reformation, English recusants kept the Faith alive in Lancashire. Latin Masses in magnificent 19th century Gothic churches.

OXFORDSHIRE: Experience student life at Oxford, ancient manuscripts at Bodleian Library, a walk through the ancient castle at Wallingford, a visit to a recusant chapel and lunch at the village pub in Hethe, plus a private tour through Stonor Park, home of a Catholic family for 500 years after the Reformation.

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Regina Trips are led by passionate Catholics committed to showing you the glory of the Church across the world. Enter your information below to get started. Regina Trips England Coordinator, Selina Fang, will be in touch to give you all of the details to make the most of your pilgrimage.

See you in England!