Saint Leutfridus

Saint Leutfridus

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June 21

Today is the feast day of Saint Leufridus.  Ora pro nobis.

This was an extraordinary saint who is not well known.  Sometimes called Leutfrid, Leufroi, or Leufroy.  He was born in the mid-7th century near Evreux, France.  He was born of a good family, which he left to be a priest. After many trials, he founded La Croix-Saint Qu’en Abbey [Holy Cross Abbey], latter called Saint Leufroy Abbey. Because of his rigor, he suffered persecutions from the lax Bishops. He had the gifts of miracles and prophecy. 

St. Leutfridus had an ardent zeal for justice, only surpassed by his zeal for mercy, expressed by his love for the poor. While he was abbot of La Croix-Saint-Qu’en, a monk died and three coins were found on his person in violation of the vow of poverty. Leutfridus ordered the monk to be buried in profane land, not in the abbey cemetery. Afterward, he made a 40-day fast, praying and weeping for the soul of that monk who was apparently lost. After this penance, the Lord revealed to him that the soul of the monk had been freed from Purgatory.

He had a terrible fury against the Devil. Once when he was in his cell, a monk came to tell him that the Devil had taken the shape of a monstrous animal and was in the chapel causing havoc. St. Leutfridus hurried to the chapel.   Before facing the Devil, he went to each door and window and made the Sign of the Cross over them to close the exits. Then he advanced.  And bit the animal furiously. The Devil tried to flee, but was prevented from leaving by the normal exits because of the Sign of the Cross the Saint had made over them. He tried to release himself from the animal body he had taken on, but God did not allow him to do so. St. Leutfridus continued to exorcize and bite him, until the monster found a way to escape through the top of the bell tower and disappeared.

Saint Leutfridus died in 738.

Image: Statue de saint Leufroy (3)

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