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Q. What is your professional background?


A. I am a lifelong New Yorker, and after graduating with an MBA from Dartmouth College, I spent 25 years working on Wall Street as a banker and a financial writer. I now live in Europe and teach Finance on the undergraduate and graduate level.

Q. What is your religious background?


A. I am what is called a ‘revert’ to the Faith. I spent my youth ignoring my Catholic heritage, and only came home to the Faith in my middle 30s. Luckily, I had amazing Dominican nuns in grammar school back in the 1960s, who made sure that we learned the Faith. As I grew older, I began to read the great writers of Catholicism: St. Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, St Theresa of Avila and the modern writers like Chesterton, Belloc and Knox. Then I attended the first Latin Mass since my youth – and that blew me away.


Q. What made you start REGINA?


A. Basically, I see so many GREAT Catholic real-life stories that are ignored by the media (both secular and religious, sad to say) that I just HAD to. It is unutterably sad. Many Catholics don’t know their religion OR their culture anymore.

Q. What is ‘Catholic’ culture?


A. That is a fascinating question. Fundamentally, since the Church is the foundation of Western culture, everything we think of as being ‘civilized’ ultimately derives from the Church.  What is called “Western” culture is actually based in the Church, which fused the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures and the accomplishments of Greece and Rome, then re-interpreted all of this through the lens of the Faith. Everything – the rule of law, science, technology, the very CONCEPT of a university – derives from the Church.

Q. How is Catholic culture passed on?


A. Through families, primarily women.  Through what is taught – or NOT taught – in a Christian home. Traditions, mores, values – a Catholic family passes these things down as easily as breathing. 

However, today the twin threats of materialism and relativism have severely eroded both women’s security and our culture. The result is what we see today – a landscape littered with broken families and Catholics who are really lost. It feels like a kind of widespread spiritual starvation.

                                                                                                Virgin with Child and St Anne by Leonardo da Vinci

Q. What is the significance of the name, “REGINA”?


A. LOL, well “REGINA” means “QUEEN” in Italian and I thought that ANY Catholic would recognize who THAT Is – Mary, the Queen of Heaven, of course. And one thing is for SURE — we need HER help with this project! This is why we have dedicated Regina to her.


Q. Who are REGINA’s readers?

A. REGINA’s unique business model is to present our advertisers with the highest quality Catholic audience in the world. Our articles are geared towards Catholics who care deeply about Catholic culture.

In terms of demographics, our audience is about 75% US, based with the rest largely in the UK, and Europe, about evenly divided between men and women. In terms of age, because we are an internet-only publication, we attract many young people; hence, our biggest age cohort is in the 30-50 range.

Q. How is REGINA doing?


A. Well, I must say that Our Lady is an EXCELLENT patroness! REGINA is growing exponentially, thanks to the help of some committed Catholics like my husband Harry Stevens,  a host of writers, photographers and videographers. Our readership list has grown 15,000% in three years, and our webpage now receives 100,000+ visits per month. The Facebook page also reaches more than 3 million people per month and we are publishing in Italian, German, French and Spanish. We are also running Trips for young people which you can see HERE.


Q. Any plans to charge for REGINA?


A. No. REGINA is free and always will be. We are supported by advertising and by working with our advertisers in online marketing on a fairly sophisticated level. 


Q. How do people subscribe?


A. It's FREE! Click on the Subscribe link on the Regina website home page, or on Facebook and click EMAIL SUBSCRIBE, next to the LIKE button. HINT: You may not be able to see the EMAIL SUBSCRIBE from your SMARTPHONE, so use a LAPTOP or DESKTOP.


Q: Any Writer Guidelines?


A: See our page here