Italy 2018

Sorry, this trip is sold out! But please take a look at our Summer 2018 offerings--Ireland & England in August, plus a fabulous long July weekend in Quebec!The Beauty of Catholic Italy

Not a ‘vacation'.
Not a ‘pilgrimage'.
What's it really like to travel with REGINA?


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Regina Trips are led by passionate Catholics committed to showing you the glory of the Church across the world. Enter your information below to get started. Regina Trips Italy Coordinator, Laura Giombini, will be in touch to give you all of the details to make the most of your pilgrimage.

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When is it?

The dates are April 7th – 15th. We will meet at Fiumicino Airport on the 7th between 9 am and 12 pm.

What is the exact itinerary?

  • ANCIENT ROME: Descend into the ancient world in the scavi underneath the High Altar of St Peter’s, explore the catacombs, the Coliseum, the Forum and the Palatine Hill, as well as walk in St. Peter’s footsteps on the ancient Appian Way.
  • BAROQUE ROME: Stunning St. Peter’s Basilica and marvel at stupendous churches and piazzas of Rome. Roman specialties in fascinating locales.
  • NORCIA: Overnight in an agriturismo, visiting the Monks of Norcia high in the Apennine Mountains for a Latin Mass and a taste of their miraculous beer!
  • FLORENCE: The Duomo, Baptistry, the Uffizi gallery plus a private tour of a Medici church and a bespoke drawing class in the atelier of a Florentine artist. Superb wine and Tuscan cuisine.
  • TUSCANY: An insider’s visit to the palazzo in the vineyards, now the seminary of the Institute of Christ the King, and to the Sisters Adorers and their brand new school.

Do you have to be single?

No. Though many travelers are.

Do you have to be Catholic?

No, though what we’re going to see might make more sense if you have been formed as a Catholic.

Why is this just for young people ages 21-35?

Basically, because this age group is in the prime of life, and many who are interested in their faith are also interested in meeting Catholics of this same age from other cultures.

Why is this trip different from other trips?

Basically, it’s an insider’s tour. In addition to seeing the beauties of Italy, you will meet and hang out with Italian people who take their Faith seriously. You will assist at Latin Masses in parishes and Orders. And you will travel with other people your age, who also take their Faith seriously.

Will we have a Latin Mass every day?

No. We will have a Novus Ordo Mass available every  day with our Chaplain, and we will have a Latin Mass on both Sundays.

Who is coming on this trip?

Last year we had people from the US, Canada, Singapore, and Ireland.

Can we bring kids?

You can, although we would caution strongly that this trip is probably not suitable for children under 14. Too tiring, and too intellectual.

What kind of places will we stay in?

Italy has many convents, lovely bed & breakfasts, and small family-run hotels. We’ll stay in places REGINA knows personally.

It says 'descend underneath St. Peter's high altar'!?

Yes, we will tour the excavation that Pope Pius XII ordered done secretly during World War II, where archaeologists believe they have discovered the bones of St. Peter.

Do I have to share a room?

You have a choice of sharing a room or not. Obviously, if you share with a friend, we can accommodate you both. If you don’t have a friend to accompany you, let us know and we will assign someone of the same sex to share with you, if we can. Single rooms are available, too.

What's the difference in cost?

A shared room package will cost US$2500. A single room package will cost US$3400. Neither includes airfare.

What does the tour fee include?

Transportation around Italy, overnight accommodations, breakfast and dinner, entrance fees and charitable contributions to Catholic Orders. Basically everything except lunch, drinking and spending money.

How many people are going on this tour?

The maximum we will take is 22.

Is there a fee to reserve my seat?

Yes. A non-refundable fee to reserve your seat is $515, which goes towards your total Trip fee.

How do I pay for it?

Reserve fees must be paid via Paypal or Square HERE. You don’t need a Paypal account. All you need is a MC or Visa, and you can go onto the Paypal website and work from there!

When is the rest due?

The second installment of $1500 (for a shared room) or $2400 (for a single room) is due on February 7 via Paypal, Square or check. The remainder of the $500 trip fee is due March 7 via Paypal, Square, or check.

How can I get updates?

Once you send us your $515 reserve fee, we will include your name on the trip email list and provide regular updates that way.

What is the weather like in April?

Rome is likely to be warm and sunny, but the mountains and Florence may be cooler. Bring layers. Comfortable footgear is a must because we will be doing a great deal of walking.

How much should I pack?

We recommend that you pack as lightly as you can, as you will be carrying your own luggage.

Can we get cellphone service in Italy?

Most carriers have plans which you can buy to provide service in Italy.

Can I learn more about the places we will visit on this tour?

Yes indeed. Everyone who signs up for the Trip will receive a free ‘Secret Catholic Insider Guide to Italy’!

Send in a contact form below for more details!


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