The Team


Beverly Stevens has been working as a professional writer and editor for 30 years, much of which she spent on Wall Street as a banker and marketing executive for Citigroup and Bear Stearns. In recent years, Beverly has been working on a consulting basis for a number of prominent clients in New York, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Miami, Chicago and Singapore. Her considerable body of work includes print, web, radio and video communications. Beverly received her MBA in Finance in 1989 from Dartmouth College. She lives with her husband, Harry Stevens.



Fr Keyes

Father Jeffrey Keyes has been a Roman Catholic Priest for 24 years — 18 years as a Pastor, as well as working as a team priest with Retrouvaille for 23 years.  He  celebrated his 25th year as a priest October 2016. He is currently Chaplain at Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa, California.  He has a BA in Philosophy from University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas, and a M.Div from Franciscan School of Theology.  You can read about Fr Keyes here and here.  Fr. Keyes has been a REGINA Magazine supporter since the very beginning, and is our Chaplain, and advisor. 





Harry Stevens, is a writer and photographer for Regina Magazine. A husband,  father and  grandfather, Harry is a retired medical officer for the US Army, and also retired from the federal civilian service. He has traveled to Asia, South America, Europe, and multiple US states for the military. He has an MS degree from the University of Portland and collects classic first edition books on Catholicism. He also has a collection of rare Blessed Pope Pius IX, Saint Pius X, Pope Pius XI and Blessed Pope XII signatures.

Ed Masters was born in Brooklyn NY and obtained an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from SUNY Ulster. He has an eclectic variety of interests including history (in particular ancient Roman and Church history), astronomy, arts and entertainment and is an avid collector of comic books. Eddie does the research for all our saints of the day posts.  Eddie has been with REGINA since our early days. 


                                                                               Photo taken at the Tower Bridge in London.

Michael Durnan has been a Catholic Primary School Teacher, in his native England, for the past 27 years but he now works as a Supply (Substitute) Teacher. He recently enrolled as a Film and TV Support Artiste and has worked in a BBC TV costume drama. He is a Science Graduate with a degree in Zoology from the University of Bristol and maintains an interest in Natural History and enjoys birdwatching.  Other hobbies and interests include: photography, hiking England's Moors, Dales and Fells, cycling, history, especially the Catholic history of England, travel, visiting museums and art galleries, listening to a variety of music and watching sport, especially his beloved Wigan Warriors Rugby League team.  He has traveled with the REGINA team to many countries to photograph and write many articles. Michael has been with REGINA since our early days. 

Donna Sue Berry was born and raised Catholic in central Oklahoma.  She has been writing poems about her Catholic faith and experiences for the last few years. Her favorites are story poems that weave around a person’s heart and emotions. She says she writes with an Oklahoman’s heart and accent. Donna Sue has been with REGINA since our early days.  You can read her story here. She is author of “From My Christmas Heart”. 

Meghan Ferrara lives in St. Louis, MO with her family and her West Highland White Terrier, Harry. She has a BA in in French and a MA in Teaching, with a concentration in French and foreign language pedagogy. Meghan spent a year studying abroad in Dijon and Avignon, France and is passionate about history and the Catholic faith. Recently elected Registrar of her chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, her mission is to tell the unknown stories of history, and she is grateful to Regina Magazine for affording her the opportunity to do so.

Dan Flaherty is a freelance writer and author. His novel, Fulcrum, captures Irish Catholic life in postwar Boston and his most recent book, Great 1980s Sports Moments, is the definitive look at the players, games and teams that defined his generation of sports fans. Dan lives in the Boston area.  Dan has been with REGINA since our early days. 




Bill Riccio, Jr. is a native of Connecticut and has been a Master of Ceremonies in the traditional rites since 1986. A parishioner of St. Mary's Church, Norwalk, he has given instruction to many priests and servers in the celebration of the traditional Mass.  He recently retired as a college and high school football official after 44 years.
Daniel Rabourdin is the indépendant producer of The Hidden Rebellion (see our story here). a popular docu-film. Daniel has been 18 years a producer at EWTN, and has the double nationality French American.


Teresa Limjoco is a revert of recent vintage who spends her working hours as a pathologist staring into a microscope, hoping to discover what new mischief and treachery afflicts our little human cells. She is crazy for the Catholic Church, its history, culture and theology, and wishes she could attend the Traditional Latin Mass more often.  Teresa has been with REGINA since our early days. 



Losana Boyd is a writer and artist from New York, currently living in Florence, Italy, where she studies classical, realist painting.  She is author of Along the Way




Dorothy Gill is the mother of four sons, ages 11 to 26 and she has been homeschooling since 1992.  She is active in her parish  and lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband and three of her four sons.

Peter De Trolio III is a high school History and Geography teacher and candidate for the permanent diaconate living in Jerez de la Frontera.  Originally from Massachusetts, Peter is a graduate of The Catholic University of America and the University of Dayton.  Peter practice law in Massachusetts before moving to live in Spain.  He is married and the father of two children, organized a Schola for the Extraordinary Form Rite Mass at his parish and prepares parents for the Baptism of their children.

Alex Choong is a videographer and photographer for 7 years.  Alex has worked on numerous videos, from weddings and events, to corporates, documentaries and short features. Aside from work with the Church and Dioceses world wide, his portfolio includes work on a wide range of fronts, such as airport tarmacs, Oil rig construction sites, fashion runways and drone flights up mountain ranges. This includes no less than 200 plus weddings, many corporate videos for both Catholic and secular organisations, a series of documentaries of missions in Africa, and a local historical archive project and documentary for the Diocese of Singapore, to name a few.

Sean Patrick Kater is a traditional Catholic from the Chicago area, with a background in classical studies and biblical studies. He also enjoys hiking, travelling and, of course, Regina Magazine.

George J. Galloway is a retired history teacher, past state senate chief-of-staff, and a former training coordinator for a counter-terrorism task force, teaching first responders and first receivers in the National Incident Management System and weapons of mass destruction. He is married to his bride, Cathy, for 36 years, is the proud father of three children and a two-year-old grandson, and writes from his little cape cod in Fallsington, Pennsylvania.


Marketing Consultant

Adrian Hau is REGINA's multi-talented marketing consultant and go-to trouble-shooter for all manner of technological an administrative problems.  He and his wife has three beautiful children.  He resides in Kingston Ontario.  



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